Baby Bead Charms

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Fortunebaby Baby Bead Charms

⁍ Available in all the shapes of your childhood: Butterfly, Heart, Star and Flower.

⁍ Sold individually- collect them all!

Available in solid 14K and 18K yellow gold.

Butterfly Dimensions

  • 12mm width wing to wing
  • 3.5mm center hole
  • 5.4g in 14K
  • 6.4g in 18K

Heart Dimensions

  • 11mm width
  • 3.5mm center hole
  • 4.3g in 14K
  • 5.1g in 18K

Star Dimensions

  • 12mm width tip to tip
  • 3.5mm center hole
  • 4.9g in 14K
  • 5.8g in 18K

Flower Dimensions

  • 12mm width petal to petal
  • 3.5mm center hole
  • 4.6g in 14K
  • 5.4g in 18K

All measurements and weights are approximate.

PLEASE NOTE: These items are hand made to order in NYC! Production lead time is around 2-3 weeks.